Today’s Top Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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Your company has great people and great products but you still cannot seem to beat the completion. What is the problem? Well, the thing most often not positioned correctly at a company with great people and products but not reaching its growth potential is the marketing. While market is not rocket science, it can often make or break your company. It is not always what marketing companies don’t do that causes them issues it is also sometimes what they do that gets them into trouble. Here is a list of a bit of both to study if your company needs marketing tips.

Don’t: Avoid Constant Promotion

If you have products and services that are great your job is to let everyone know it. Too often companies do not want to tout their wares for fear they will look vain or arrogant. Orr, they think their product is so good it does not need any promotion and that its quality alone will sell it. Wrong! The fact is with so many choices in front of consumers today, you need to do all you can to get them to pay attention to yours. So ramp up any and every opportunity to promote yourself and do it in all mediums.

Do: Avoid Tasteless Promotion

Your promotion should reflect the types of products you sell and most products have some degree of self-respect so you probably should avoid the lowest rung type of promotion. If you have a question about whether something is tasteless just ask yourself whether you would be ashamed if your mom or kids saw it and then you have your answer. If of course your products is tasteless to begin with then you are permitted to promote in an absolute tasteless manner as well because the products fits it.

Don’t: Use Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black hat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to increases a site or page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engines’ terms of service. There are dozens of companies on the web offering services that they say will guarantee you a certain ranking on Google and other websites. The fact that they say guarantee tells you that their tactics are not within the guidelines of the search engine. The temptation to use these services is strong especially if your company is desperate for traffic, but the downside is that if you run afoul of Google and other search engines, they will ban you and make it difficult for you to get listed with them again. Focus on the legal and proper SEO tactics and get good at them. This is the only smart way to move up the rankings of Google and others.

Do: Use The Best SEO Tactics

SEO is an advantage that everyone needs to utilize. Small businesses and startups unfortunately often overlook the fact that SEO can level the playing field with more established and bigger companies so they lose out on a key difference maker. Using effective keywords and adopting other SEO strategies vastly increases the chances that your Google ranking will improve. With proper online SEO in place, you will begin to see traffic that can be converted to sales. So write your content on blogs and websites with SEO firmly in mind.

Don’t: Use Questionable Shortcuts to Build Your Social Media Followings

There are many online companies advising businesses that a smart way to build their social media followings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is through tricks and questionable short cuts. For instance there are companies advertising that you can buy Instagram followers. These tactics may produce short term results but always leave you worse off than when you started. So avoid them

Do: Build Your Social Media Followings Using the Right Strategies

Expect to grow your following organically and be prepared for a long haul. However, there are ways to fast track the growth of your social media following and smart marketers look for these options. Seek them out and remember that someone must still put in the hard work to gain you followers.


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