Guide To Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Best Choice

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Vacuum cleaners were invented in the early 1900s and since it has never looked back. In the beginning their purpose was just to help clean better and quicker while they have not lost that goal, today a vacuum cleaners does so much more.

Let us explore together some functions that vacuums cleaners adopted along the years to make our lives better and cleaning easier.

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners


As many needs and requirements we can think of there is a vacuum to successfully comply with it. Household, car, office or commercial vacuum; there is one in all sizes and designs to match every need and décor if it must.

Commercial vacuums are designed with twp things in mind suction power and to maintain a clean environment. Commercial vacuums are mostly used in offices or large spaces such as department stores, which need fast and effective cleaning service.

Working places usually will have dust and dirt particles that can severely damage your lungs and respiratory system due to which reason usually commercial vacuums will have protective filters built in.

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Keeping a clean environment is very important both in the house and at work however, sometimes in larger spaces you may not be able to feel the difference in air pollution but only when it gets to the point that it has damaged your lungs; therefore it is very important that employers always use commercial vacuums that ensure keeping the environment clean.

Other Great Vacuum Features

Commercial vacuums have the option to shampoo the carpets as well and that is an option that will safe you a bunch of money every single year. Some other vacuums besides the commercial types have the shampooing option as well and it is the best thing you will choose to invest in.

If you are like me and cannot stand any type of dirt marks from kids or pets (not to mention husband) on the white carpets then you have made your choice already.

Other option found in vacuums today is the super light version, which I have to say is a blessing for those that have pre existing back problems and cannot stand leave alone lift anything which has more than couple pounds.


Helpful Tip

There are a vast number of vacuums out there with endless options to choose from so, if you are buying a best vacuum for stairs or a commercial vacuum make your list of needs and priories first and then go shopping.

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