5 things about Vagina Yeast Infection- Every Women Should Know

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Yeast infection is also known as Candida. This is a type of bacteria that cause fungal infection and due to this fungal infection yeast infection on the skin and also in the vagina occurs. Candida yeast normally occurs on virginal, digestive tract, mouth etc. Candida yeast can grow on mucous membranes and moist areas on the skin. Our body hosts a variety of germs, including fungi germs and also bacteria’s due to these all fungal germs yeast infection bumps, will appear on the different areas of your skin. In this article we will discuss the major facts and things about yeast infection, every woman should know:

yeast infection in women

1: Yeast infection in Women at some point in their life

Yeast infection is a fungal infection that most women will have a yeast infection at the certain point of their life. Yeast infection or Candida infection causes soreness and itching in the vagina and also causes burning sensation in the vagina and pain when you have sex or urinate. Another thing you should about yeast infection is a thick and clumpy white discharge that has no odor or smell looks like a cottage cheese. Yeast infection can be a total itching, burning, discharge and pain in the vagina.

2:  Yeast infection are very common and most of the people don’t know that what to do about it

Eight out of ten women are diagnosed with a Candida yeast infection once in their life at a certain point. According to recent research that 55 percent of the women don’t know that how to deal with this yeast infection and even don’t know how to cure it. The makers of a cream for yeast infection launched in Time of TMI campaign tells us clearly how to treat yeast infection for vaginal and how to cure it.

3: Yeast infection symptoms can mimic other problems

One research shows that 2 percent of women who have never had a Candida infection or yeast infection could identify the symptoms of it. Whereas other study shows that one 3rd of women who thought that they had a yeast infection actually did. Yeast infection sign is similar to other skin infection or skin problems. If you suffer from a yeast infection you may be noticed that the burning sensation effect on skin, itching, pain during sex and a thick white odorless discharge.

4: Yeast infection can be sign of Diabetes

Women with high blood sugar levels have more chance to develop Candida infection or yeast infection. When the blood sugar level is high the excess sugar increases the chance of yeast infection. It is recommended that the woman, who has a serious yeast infection, should make an appointment with their doctor and rule out their diabetes and other serious yeast infection condition.

5: About Yeast infection Treatment and Medication

Just like other skin condition and problem yeast infection also treated with medication. If you suffer yeast infection for a long time your body cannot resistant to the treatment over time. If you treat yourself at home and don’t see any visible improvements or results within a few days or weeks then you should make an appointment with your doctor and check your condition properly and treat your infection properly under the supervision of a medical assistance.

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